E-2 Visas for Israeli Investors: Tech Industry

Israeli investors are increasingly eyeing the United States as a safe haven for their currency. To tap into the U.S. tech market and diversify risks, they can apply for an E-2 visa since May 2019. This visa requires them to set up a U.S. presence, transfer capital, and actively sell tech products in the country, offering a potential revenue boost for Israeli tech start-ups.

As in many parts of the world, politics often motivate investors to look for alternatives. And for Israel it is no different. As such, many Israeli investors are looking to the United States as a haven to invest their currency, the shekel.  

As it is, the United States happens to be a massive market for Israel’s primary export, technology. Currently, American corporations consume a lot of technology from Israeli tech companies. In addition, American venture capitalists have traditionally invested in Israeli tech start-ups; however, this trend is declining due to economic conditions in the U.S. Accordingly, Israeli tech founders are looking to shift their business operations directly to the United States.  

In considering relocating to the United States, Israeli investors must factor immigration issues. And so, Israeli investors can now apply for an investor E-2 visa.  This visa became available to Israeli investors since May 1, 2019.  

To apply for an E-2 visa, Israeli individual investors or corporate investors must incorporate in a specific U.S. state. Thereafter, Israeli investors must transfer capital into the U.S. corporate account for their enterprise. Given the relative strength of the US dollar, parking funds in the U.S. is a strategy to diversify currency risks.  

At that point, the US enterprise can actively sell technology products such as software to the US market. Active selling will increase the probabilities of success in obtaining the E-2 visa. In the end, Israeli investors in technology start-ups must consider the E-2 visa strategy if they want increase their revenues and diversify their risks at home in Israel.  



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