We helped XYZ Corporation, a tech giant based in India, to establish a presence in the United States. They obtained visas for executives and managers, established a subsidiary, and recruited skilled foreign workers. Thanks to their expertise, XYZ Corporation was able to expand their market opportunities and increase competitiveness in the U.S.

XYZ Corporation


L-1A visa | H-1B visas | E-2 visas
9 months

The tech titan.

Our client, XYZ Corporation, is a tech giant based out of India. They're in the business of providing software solutions to businesses worldwide and they're damn good at it. With over 1,500 employees, including top-tier engineers and developers, they've been growing like wildfire. But in order to keep that momentum going, they needed to expand their presence to the U.S. That's where we come in.


At ABC Business Immigration Law Firm, we took a no-nonsense approach to XYZ Corporation's immigration needs. We developed a comprehensive strategy to obtain visas for their executives and managers, establish a subsidiary in the United States, and recruit talented foreign workers. And we didn't waste any time. Our team worked closely with XYZ Corporation's executives to ensure we understood their business objectives and tailored our immigration solutions to meet those goals.


Our team provided a range of immigration solutions to XYZ Corporation, including obtaining E-2 visas for their top brass, establishing a subsidiary in the U.S. through an L-1A visa, and helping with the recruitment and hiring of skilled foreign workers using H-1B visas. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy. The U.S. immigration system is a beast, but our expertise and experience allowed us to navigate it like the pros we are.


Thanks to our hard work, XYZ Corporation was able to establish a successful presence in the United States. They were able to hire top-tier foreign workers and transfer their top executives and managers to their new U.S. subsidiary. And let's not forget about the expanded market opportunities and increased competitiveness they gained. It's safe to say that our solutions played a key role in XYZ Corporation's success in the United States.


At ABC Business Immigration Law Firm, we take pride in providing top-tier immigration solutions to businesses around the world. And let me tell you, we're damn good at it. If you're a business looking to establish a presence in the U.S., you need the best of the best. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and let's get down to business.